Reupholster Your Sectional Sofa Set

A new sectional sofa set is a great way to update and give a new life to an old living room. However, it is not always feasible to buy new furniture especially if you’re looking to replace a sectional sofa. Also sending it out to be reupholstered professionally is quite expensive. Now you can reincarnate your existing sectional sofa yourself and save a lot of money.
First of all before ripping apart your sectional sofa, make sure that you know how to put it back again. Check the places of the sofa where the cloth has been stapled or pinned. Measure the dimensions of your sectional sofa to give you an idea of how much new cloth you would need to buy. Then remove the old fabric and set the pieces aside, as a pattern, to cut new pieces of the fabric you will use.

Now check the stuffing of your sofa. One of the reasons for sagging of the sofa set is bad stuffing. Remove the foam and give it some air and sunshine, then go ahead and replace it. Cut your new upholstery cloth by using the pieces of your old fabric removed from the sofa set earlier. Be careful to staple back the cloth at the exact places. For an added classy touch, sew some matching cushion covers for your new reupholstered sectional sofa set.

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